Keep your Hairy Arms

By industry standards 6'2'’ is too tall to be a model which made it difficult for people to cast me. Fudging my actual height to 6’0’’ instead got my foot in the door, and once they met me they overlooked the height. Had my agency represented me at 6’2’’ the castings would have been scarce.

There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion. — Edgar Allan Poe

Working with a male model who was shorter than me proved to be difficult. For a video, the creative team had to be clever in the video shots, much like when Brooke Shields(5'10’’) in the movie Blue Lagoon where she had to do a walking scene next to Chris Atkins(5'6’’). They had her walking in a ditch next to him so she would appear shorter than him.

That’s one strike. The second strike is clothing would be too short on me. I got a casting from a company from Mexico for a coat photoshoot. They tried the clothes on me and their coats were too short!

Kristina Brockmann for Scott McFarland

Kristina Brockmann for Scott McFarland

Hairy Arms are a selling point

A New York talent scout once told me that he got his big break, get this, all because he said no to shaving his arms as requested by his agency. He said your unique characteristics are what set you apart and get clients to hire you. I was unique in the way I looked, but also my height was what set me apart.

So yes, your uniqueness can actually hurt you, but it can also be something that lands you a really big client.

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