How I Will Conquer 30 New Habits in The New Year

You read that right.  

I’m not taking on just one New Year Resolution, but over 30.  

Well, I’ve had a bit of a head start and have been working out the details of what that entails for a while now.  

You might be wondering how I found 30 new things to take on.  Let me explain.

It all started off with a media detox last year; books, tv, social media, movies, electronics.  It made me answer the question: What do you do with your time within a day?  

Try it and you’ll see it’s a struggle to stay unplugged.  I found that I kept getting the urge to check my email every ten minutes even though a phone or computer was nowhere nearby in an effort to be prompt.  FOMO like no other.

The digital detox really helped me take a step back and look at the habits that ruled my days.  

Around this time I also came across a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  My favorite part of the book is when Charles explains how Febreze uses triggers to create a habit for their product and users.  I highly recommend this book if your looking for an explanation on how to change your triggers/habits.

So we are seeing a theme - habits.  What’s so special about habits?  Well…

We are what we repeatedly do.  Therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.
— Unknown

Back to the 30 new things to take on - they are all habits I want to take on.  Before choosing any habits I made a vision board with my goals for the next five years.  Build my vocabulary, read 200 books, be healthy, etc.  This helped give a clearer picture of what habits to choose.

My December Habit Tracker

My December Habit Tracker

I created a habit tracker sheet that I’ve been using for the past three months to track this that has been helpful.  You are more than welcome to download your own copy here:!  

And finally I came across a course on Creative Live where the instructor explains how to pick the right habits.

You can take a look here:  

The course explains that you have your low value, low dollar daily tasks and then you have your high value, high lifetime tasks.  Some examples of low value tasks would be watching television, eating(alone), and playing video games.  

The goal is to shift to 80% high value tasks and 20% high lifetime tasks everyday.  

To give you an idea - my high value tasks/habits include blogging and learning a new skill.

A few recommendations if you decide to start tracking your own habits: 

  • Do a checkin at the end of each week (actually write down your thoughts) and use the questions from the Creative Live course materials to adjust the list of habits (the habits will be based around your values).

  • Print the habit tracker and fill in the boxes with different colors everyday to spice things up and compare months to see how well you are doing on creating new habits.

  • Consider shaping your habits around a mantra. Mine was “Learn, Health, and Relationships”. This made the daily habits something like: read, vocabulary, workout, go for walks, gratitudes, drink two waters, write.

When considering your habits keep in mind that they should reflect your values.  

Need an accountability buddy?  Reach out to me on Social Media!  


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