Weekend Finds #12


1. Spotting Ecommerce Trends in Shipping Data - Laura Behrens Wu 

2. Matthew Hussey | The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

3. The Best Marketing Growth Strategies for Your Business


1. Branding for Builders - How Netflix defined a brand that helped it to build a great product, and vice-versa. Straight from the VP Product from 2005–2010.

2. How I Would Growth Hack a Barbershop

3. What the Heck Is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

4. What is the single most underrated trait a person can have? - Persistence, Quora answer.

5. 5 Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing - and 3 Lessons to Learn


1. spext.com - audio to text for podcasts and videos

2. canva.com - Graphic Design images, text, download pdf to edit in illustrator

3. Brainscape app for iPhone - Vocab stacks in many different subjects

4. travo.com - trip planning for administrative professionals

5. piktochart.com - create infographics, presentations, or printables