Entrepreneurs are Information Junkies

We all consume media.  

But what exactly are you consuming every day?  Are you using this to your advantage?

Take an inventory of what you are consuming in just one day.  What did you consume today in media?  A bunch of Facebook videos?  The news channel on your TV about the latest crimes?  A video game?  Music?

But not just what, but how much media?

You're not alone.  I too love a good funny video.  At one point my media consumption was nothing but video games.  But what was I accomplishing in that? 

I was a professional model in San Francisco for three years and during the beginning of my career the 1 1/2 hour commutes would weigh me down.  I would listen alone to nothing but music.  That was a lot of time for music.  3+ hours in a day.  

That’s until I discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts.  Learn and listen about a topic of your own choosing from the experts!

I was hooked.  The Tim Ferriss Show, Freakonomics, and Recode Replay were among my top choices. 

Nicole Smartt, Owner of Star Staffing in Sonoma County, wrote in her book to “Become an Information Junkie”.  She advises that you read and invest in your learning.

Nicole, like me, never finished college.  We took community college classes and weren’t able to afford continuing our college degrees.

"It’s important, whether you go to school or you don’t, that you keep learning."

Begin consuming media differently and become a true Information Junkie like I did.  I picked up the book The Power of Habit. The Shoe Dog. Never Eat Alone.  Be Your Own Mentor.  David & Goliath.  

Just Google “Never Eat Alone quotes” and you’ll get a plethora of advice from Keith Ferrazzi. 

And I am not just talking podcasts and books.  I’m also saying MOOC’s - Massive Open Online Courses are worth your time.  Challenge yourself to learn something new!

Try edx.org and coursera.org to start. 

So Information Junkies, what do you read and listen to?