Easy Upgrade to a Family Hallway


We are welcoming the first real rain shower of January here at Via B Design and with it comes the reminder that we have a New Year ahead of us.  We started the year off with a mini DIY project for our upstairs hallway.  I’m super excited to be sharing this project with you, as it turned out great.

The hallway used to be a boring place with an unappealing painting (which we sold on Facebook Marketplace).  We pass through it every day, so why not make it a place we actually enjoy? 


This project was pretty straightforward – pieces of laminate fit together like a puzzle.

What you’ll need:

  1. 2  5.0 fl oz DynaGrip Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
  2. 3 boxes of wood laminate
  3. box cutter
  4. ruler or measuring tape
  5. ladder

Cut with the box cutter to fit the length, apply a small amount of the adhesive, and then press the piece firmly so its snug with the other pieces.


We used one of the laminate cardboard boxes as the cutting board. 


Simple install, and looks like a professional did it! 


Add your own favorite painting to the wall and voila!  We chose this painting from Bebe.  If you know me and my Ma, you know we’re obsessed with Bebe.  This painting is “bedazzled” in all its fabulousness and compliments the colors in the laminate.  

Closet (1 of 1).jpg

A new hallway wall for the family for less than $200.  Score.

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