Sparkle Hustle Grow Review

February is almost over, can you believe it?  After finishing the hallway with the laminate, we got distracted by our oak stairway.  We will be fixing that up soon when we have some time.  If your wondering how I’m doing on the habits New Year Resolution - I missed a few days, but am still working on filling out the habit tracker everyday.  I highly encourage trying it out for yourself.  


But what is this post really about?  It’s about the Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription I’ve been getting each month - here’s a hint, it’s a want not a need.  Here is my review - heads up it’s for the ladies.

For the past three months Sparkle Hustle Grow has been sending business supplies, books, software, and courses for $45.95 including shipping worth at least over $150 each time.  

SPOILER - Here is an overview of the February box items:

  1. Work Your Wealth: 9 Steps to Making Smarter Choices With Your Money ($12.99)
  2. Online Training: Be Your Own CFO: Understanding Taxes ($99)
  3. Erin Condren Budget Book ($8)
  4. Calculator ($8)
  5. Hustle & Heart Notepad + Pen Set ($6)
  6. Oxford At Hand Note Card Zip Pocket ($5.31)
  7. Quarterly Tax Reminder Stickers ($1)

Each box comes with one book and one course.  It also usually comes with a popular subscription for one month, for instance I got which is an instagram scheduler for a month free.  


My favorite items thus far have been this month’s budget book, last month’s quote calendar, and a sticker book for my planner.  If you don’t want to get it each month for the listed price, consider a different subscription; they have mini mailers.

These items are easily worth more than what we pay for, however can I live without the monthly box? Yes.  Is it a super awesome spectacular gift?  Yes.  Am I still getting it each month?  You bet I am!  If you're considering getting a subscription use this link (please).