Sonoma County Coding Resources

Over the past few years I have been learning about coding and computer science online and would like to share the resources that are out there.  These resources have been from scouring the internet like and recommendations from fellow coders.  Hope you find these resources as helpful as I have!

  1. Sign up for either and San Fransisco or San Jose Library card and use their e-learning resources like and Treehouse.  See all of San Francisco Library’s online resources here.
  2. Sign up for a chance at getting an Udacity scholarship here.  My experience with Udacity has been wonderful.  They selected participants for the Google Developer Challenge Scholarship and then selected from the people that completed that for a Nano-degree Scholarship.  I have fortunately been selected for their nano-degree scholarship and am already beginning the scholarship program this week.
  3. Get a BS in CS online course ideas.  I’ve used this excel sheet to take courses in Computer Science, feel free to make your own copy and then use to keep track of your course work.
  4. is a great resource for learning front end dev and then applying those skills to a nonprofit project.  
  5. Google Interview University Github resource.  This has many different books and courses to choose from.  The author ended up getting hired at Amazon.
  6. has a 30 days of code challenge that you might be interested in.  There are varying specialized skills, languages, and challenges to choose from.

A great tool when studying is to keep track of everything and also to find a community to connect with, whether that be through blog forums or using the goal tracker that is on this website.  Good Luck!