Basic psychology 101

This summer is almost coming to an end, hopefully you spent it well and enjoyed the extra sun rays.

I spent it in school studying the introduction to Psychology. It was about motivation, personality, and other applicable subjects.

From Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Google it) to Social Psychology.

My favorite lesson was on stress and how being optimistic is considered the best coping strategy. Yes friends, optimism is healthy and being slightly delusional about how well your life is going is beneficial (reduces stress).

Did you know that biting on a pen, like smiling, causes one to rate objects better?

Or how about that needs create desire. Take time to think about this in how your motivation to do things applies to what you do on a daily basis.

Finally, a guy will rate a women higher upon first meeting her right after going on a treadmill versus after sitting down. So if your date meets you at your house say “Take a quick run around the block, I still need time to get ready.”

Learn Psychology 101 yourself without going to school by watching a well produced youtube channel here:

Enjoy the rest of that summer and look out for my next article on a review of the book Marie Condo wrote on the psychology of your stuff.